30 Sep

ARY Digital is set to come up with yet another eagerly awaited show serial titled "Dard Ka Rishta". The Story:- When a suggestion to be locked in of Khayam looks for her movement sister Mehreen, he picks Sabeen as opposed to Mehreen. Sabeen gets hitched to Khayam paying little respect to all the protection in the family just to wind up setback eventually. Dard Ka Rishta is … 

Life ends up unfeeling when your own specific relatives treat you with slight. Dard Ka Rishta is an equivalent ludicrous story of a guiltless young lady called Sabeen.

Played by, Michelle Mumtaz, Sabeen is an unadulterated and direct young lady who is hunting down enjoyment for quite a while. After the annihilation of her mom, Sabeen's dad weds over again. Before long she lives with her stepmother and sisters who think about her a housemaid.

Right when a proposal to be secured of Khayam needs her stepsister Mehreen, he picks Sabeen rather than Mehreen. Sabeen gets hitched to Khayam in spite of all the security in the family just to twist up a misfortune no doubt.

Khayam, played by, Rohail Peerzada weds Sabeen to manage his creating mother. In the mean time, he is beginning at now wedded and lives going to have an impact with his other life associate.

Ali Hassan went about as Khurram who is the vain senior kin by marriage of Sabeen, claims a giant business with no other individual.

Before long, Ahmed Ali, played by the surprising Usman Peerzada, who is additionally Sabeen's dad is the standard help in the family Sabeen has.

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